Saturday, 21 July 2007

spreadsheetsdirect forum! has now got a forum! You can discuss spreadsheet stuff but anything else goes too.

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Ian Denny said...

Good luck with the new business!

We're based in Liverpool city centre, and I know how hard it is getting off the ground.

I made hundreds of mistakes, and in fact the business went bust about 8 weeks ago...but started again.

I've had enough of Sage and have decided to do our accounts in Excel. Pivots are so much easier to work with!

If you want to learn about some of the mistakes I made, I started a blog on omy experiences since we went bust and then started again (it's

So far so good, we're marginally profitable after the re-start.

Anyway, enough about me - wish you the very best of success.

P.S. picked up a few tips about blogs and stuff - you can get visitors to your blog and site pretty quickly without Google Ad Words. And if you are using Google Ad Words, there's some very good tips in a book I just read which could really help. Failing that, I'm at a loose end and would happily write some copy for any marketing you want to do. I'm told I'm okay at writing copy.