Friday, 29 June 2007

I never thought setting my own business up would occupy my brain so much. Working 9-5 I found that I could just turn off as soon as I left the place now because it's my own business I'm thinking about what I need to do until I manage to get to sleep. Spent most of the week trying to sign up to free listings, forums and search engines which takes ages. I've starting listing all the useful sites I've found under so it might save others in the same situation some time.

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Monday, 25 June 2007

setting up

I'm currently in the process of starting my first business. After years of working for others I'm having a go myself and thought I'd write about my experience, somebody out there might find it useful if they're thinking about doing the same. My main business is going to be but I'm also going to be offering and to the Southport, UK area. It's amazing how many little bits and bobs there are to do from registering as self employed to getting all the webpages looking how you want. I've found myself thinking about things that I can offer while I'm trying to get to sleep. I've now got to the stage were I'm advertising on google and just waiting for the first client to turn up.