Monday, 23 November 2009

Office 2010 Beta Workgroup Problem

I downloaded the beta version of Office 2010 the other day (available here). From what I saw it doesn't look too different to Office 2007 apart from the ribbons having a few different size buttons on. One side affect from having it on my system though seems to have been it blocking my Workgroup from seeing other computers. The computer with the beta on was a Vista laptop and I also have an XP laptop and Ubuntu desktop that can access the workgroup. The XP & Ubuntu computers could see and access the other computers but for some reason Vista couldn't see them. After a lot of messing around and googling to find an answer to no avail it clicked that the problem had only started since I installed Office 2010 beta so I decided to uninstall it and after a reboot the workgroup was back up and accessible. So just a warning if you wan't to try the beta go ahead and download it, it's free so might help you out if you desperately need to work on a spreadsheet but just beware that with it being a beta things might go wrong or other things might be affected.

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