Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Oz Powerball $80 Million Mega Jackpot!

Thursday's Powerball will have a jackpot of at least $80 million after no winners claimed the $50 million first prize in the draw last week's draw.

The multi-million dollar jackpot, the second highest in Australian history, comes just weeks after an Adelaide man and a Queensland couple shared a record $106 million prize from Oz Lotto.

If you want to know the most drawn balls then why not buy the Oz Powerball Checker spreadsheet from Spreadsheets Direct. The basic version allows you to quickly check either single or multiple lines in seconds from current & previous draws and lets you see what balls have been drawn the most from the date you set. The results are updated by a click of a button making checking your numbers simple. The Premium version comes with an added Lotto Predictor. The Lotto Predictor produces random numbers but favours those that have been drawn the most from the date you choose. Once the numbers have been picked you can see how lucky they have been in the past before you decide if you want to use them. The Premium version also has an Analysis sheet that shows trends from the past ten draws. You can see the number of odd & even balls drawn, how many were high or low balls, how many fell in each number range and any consecutive numbers.

The Oz Powerball Checker is quick and simple way of checking your powerball numbers and may just give you the edge in this weeks $80 million draw!

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