Sunday, 22 February 2009

Betting Tracker Spreadsheet Added

The Spreadsheets Direct Bet Tracker spreadsheet will allow you to easily keep track of your online betting for upto four accounts with a summary of your betting and graph representations of Profit/Loss & Account balances. Enter an Account Name to appear on the Financial Analysis graphs. Select the odds format you want to enter bets in from fractions, decimals, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian or Malaysian and the dropdown in the Odds column with change to match. The Deposit (+) / Withdrawal (-) column allows you to enter/remove money from your account. The Account column gives a running total of your funds from deposits/withdrawals and bet winnings/losings. The Date column is used to in show your data in the graphs on the Financial Analysis sheet. The Time, Venue/Race & Bet columns are optional columns to allow you to keep track of your bets. In the Type column you can choose if you are placing a bet or a lay. Enter the Odds from the dropdown and a Stake. For an E/W bet select the fraction from the dropdown that the place will pay of the main bet odd. In the Result column select W (win), P (place) or L (lose) and the Profit/Loss column will automatically calculate your winnings. Each Account sheet will allow upto 10000 lines to entered. To clear the entered data click the Clear Data button on each sheet. The Bet Summary sheet will show you the total number of bets placed, wins, win %, total amount bet & total winnings. On the Financial Analysis sheet select a Start Month & Account from the dropdowns and the graphs will update to match.

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